Blast from the past

My friend prompted me to write about the spiritual difference1008742_10151652417457836_1329756499_o between who I am now (age 24)
and who I was at age 18. And while I am still desperately trying to figure out a concrete answer, my old journal entries are speaking truth and wisdom to me now.

This specific entry was written circa the high school-college transition. Enjoy!

And now I travel the last leg of this journey;
the trodden path behind and the untouched before.
I know it stretches on,
exploring places I have yet to see and feel.
But now I must choose.
A network of highways spreads out before me,
but at this time I have neither the wisdom
nor the will to choose a direction.
Each path pulls on my heart. Conflicting
thoughts wage on my mind day and night.
That one path that I am to take I know
will be wondrous and filled
with adventure – why do I worry so?
Do I not trust my guide to take me down
the best road? After all, the journey
that we have traveled thus far has not
disappointed me.
I am blind to the future but not to His touch.
I know it well for I have felt
his comforting arms many nights when nothing
else brought solace. He has held my hand
through the darkened places and carried
me through the storms.
And so again I will take your hand. Your ways
do not mislead or destroy; you have always
shown me love and peace. I find your hand
now and my soul is at rest. Your comforting
eyes and safe arms bewitch me. I am captured
once more. The days ahead no longer
torture me for my eyes are held
within your gaze and the troubles
of this world disappear. I can never go wrong
with you by my side.

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One thought on “Blast from the past

  1. susan wallis on said:

    Bear, great perspective Thank you!

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