“The great unknown where feet may fail”

“Do you trust me?”

“Lord? Yes, of course I do.”

He extends His hand toward me, “Here, take my hand.”

“No, I can’t – I am afraid.”

“But you trust me, right?”

I bite my lip and shamefully look away, tears welling up. I look up – sighing – trying to hold back the hot water stinging my eyes. Jesus catches my face. He is steady, calm, understanding – warm and inviting.

I notice his hand is still extended to take mine, but I hadn’t seen the scars before. Jagged holes mark His rough carpenter’s hands. Scars that painfully remind me of the price of my sin … the price for my ransom … the cost for eternal life with God.

Hands that touched many, healed countless and held humanity’s fate … hands that are now reaching out to take my own.

I take His hand in both of mine, one holding His and the other gently outlining His scars – the marks of His love for me. Soon our hands are wet. Wet with my tears – tears for my beloved Savior.

My Savior loves me. So much.


“Yes, Erica.”

My heart leaps at the sound of my name from His lips. But I cannot take my eyes off His hands. I feel like such a fool. I have been such a fool.

“He is no fool who gives up his soul. My precious beloved, I am here. There is nothing to fear. I am here, with you.”

I look up at Him and through my blurry vision His countenance shines ever-so-clearly. Warmth and light and joy – pure joy and adoration – pour into my heart. I fall into His arms sobbing, releasing all I the fears I had kept bottled up inside. There was no room left for them once I embraced the incredible love He has lavished upon me.

Wiping my eyes and with a laugh I pull away from His embrace to see Him face-to-face. “Thank you.”

“My beloved, always. Now, how about that walk. Shall we?”

I sheepishly smile and look up at Jesus’ beautiful face, putting my hand back into His.

“Yes. Lead the way.”

And together we set out upon the water.




“Oceans (Where feet may fail)”

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