At Peace in this Lifetime?

West Loop Chicago

I’ve been mulling over a question the past two days, posed by a bright and curious college student…

Along the lines of feeling peace and satisfaction in this life.

I find myself going back to John Elderidge’s Journey of Desire, which I read for the first time about a decade ago, and it struck a chord. So…forgive me, John, if my summary is a lil off, but here we are:

He acknowledges the reality in each of us for intense, real, God-given longings. As in, good, valid things like peace, intimacy, satisfaction, you know, a heart at rest. In Hebrew, it’s shalom.

The situation we now find ourselves in, however, is living in a fallen world. Things are messed up, and not the way they are meant to be.

Yet, Christians believe that Jesus’ life and resurrection have inaugurated the beginning of a new kingdom. And that His very…

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