Tapping, Articulating, and Liberating

Can I get an amen!?

West Loop Chicago

The North American culture does its best to insulate us from pain, suffering, and ugly realities. For the most part, the church is complicit. Stanley Grenz writes,

“It is sadly true that the gospel proclaimed by the contemporary church often appears as good news only for the privileged, the economically well-off, or the powerful. To all such persons Jesus seems to offer a comfortable existence here and the promise of heaven in the hereafter. More specifically, Jesus appears to be the paradigm for wealthy, gifted, and upwardly mobile. Evangelical church life readily gives the impression that Jesus wants us respectable, successful, and happy. And our typical evangelical prayer concerns suggest that to this end, he intervenes to help us through the minor setbacks of life.” (1)

So, when tragedy, loss, or pain do strike a western Evangelical, it is easy to feel, quite, simply… crazy. From The Pit, I often…

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