Living like the trees

I have always marveled at and thoroughly enjoyed the trees through every season.  And yet fall, by far, is my favorite season of the trees.

They are a magnificent, ever-changing display of warmth and beauty. Each leaf, unique in it’s own hue, contributes to the breath-taking beauty of the entire  masterpiece. And each tree is a crafting of art unlike any man-made creation.

What causes this stunning phenomena is scientifically explainable but it boils down to a simple concept: the environment around the trees changes causing internal changes.

It is all-too-similar to my life currently: there are so many changes in my world that evoke a response from my character, my heart and soul, but I am failing to see the beauty in the midst of my changes. I long to experience it – to see it and stand in awe, yet perhaps it takes an outsider’s perspective to marvel at the mysteries that Christ is working out within me.

In the mean time, I cling to the truth that although my leaves are changing and will one day fall, Christ also brings new life after death. I will not be overcome by the ensuing chaos. Joy comes in the morning, the sun will rise again and new beauty always blossoms again in the warm waters of springtime.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!  2 Corinthians 5:17


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One thought on “Living like the trees

  1. Erica, you have such a way of expressing yourself with words. It’s really a blessing. It was such a joy to live with you this summer, and to just share life together.
    This really speaks to me as well, as the change is similar to what I am experiencing in my own life. Thanks for inspiring me to look at my life in a different light.
    Love you Erica! Can’t wait for the reunion to see your beautiful face again! 🙂

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